Audi @ Snake River Canyon

*****Watch before reading*******



What do you think? if you had to choose, would you prefer surreal but exhilarating  commercials or real but expected?

Regardless of criticisms, it’s quite cool to watch. Oh yeah, the car is a beauty too

About the Hiatus, i’m not gone, i will continue to try to update as long as i keep doing advertising 😀


Footlocker Approved

A new series of Footlocker commercials with NBA stars

it’s been awhile since i’ve seen a footlocker commercial!



*anyone notice bosh’s small ass feet?* #hater

Gangnam Style

I have no idea what I just watched. So i’m sharing this and maybe someone that knows Korean can explain it to me

Zombie Campaign

Holy moly, what a sickkkkk campaign ! AMC has been trying to get enough awareness lately because  Dish Network announced a couple months ago that they are planning to take AMC off their network.


Apple’s New TVC

Apple released 3 new TVCs and they almost make their genius bar geek-squad-like. whom i absolutely hate

At least you’ve gotta give credit for putting up new ideas


Here’s another “iPhone Siri” ad

I instantly thought of “what if siri keeps screwing up?” ? it would totally make you look like a moron

unless they become a lot more accurate, i would never try to ask siri anything in public…!

McDonalds X Spongebob (JP)

What happens when you put spongebob and McD together?

Mcdonalds 2012 Olympics Commercial

Posted this not cause I particularly like it or anything.

But “we make all the games ” is pretty funny haha

Can’t wait for olympics to start 😀