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NEW Dark knight Rises Trailer !! #3

Anyone superbly excited about this movie? I nearly forgot that it’s coming out. Shame on meeeeee

Now.. who’s gona be my movie date? hehe


Domino’s iPad Game!?

Anyone played this before? It looks interesting as far as the execution of this app.

Wonder if they really hire you if you as a pizza chef.

Check link below for more info


Agency: CP+B

Client: Domino’s

Red Stripe Street Art – Filthy Luker

Hoorah Jamaican Beer!


Check out their website @

Terry Crews x Old Spice

Definitely classic commercials. Terry Crews is the best guy to do these commercials hahaha




Agency: W+K

Client: Old Spice

Google Chrome: Coffee

I love Google commercials. I love coffee too I must say.

I do want to get back in touch with ex-gfs too, butĀ I don’t think these things work this way…

Oh well, how about a cup of coffee though? šŸ™‚

Subway Rap ! ft. Mac Lethal **spoiler warning

Season premier of “The Pitch” is the coming up Monday April 30th!!

The season preview can be viewed hereĀ

**Spoiler Alert

Here’s a great example of using resources effectively. Mac Lethal became viral after he posted a video about pancakes and remixing “Look at me now”

The agency decided to use Mac Lethal to help them create a subway rap.


Agency: McKinney

Client: Subway

TNT: Burn it Down..! Playoffs!

This year’s regular season can be forgotten. Games were super boring andĀ noncompetitiveĀ due to resting players, injuries, and game tanking.

However, playoffs is a whole different story šŸ˜‰ I’m ready!!

Ya’ll ready for this?