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Kanye West x Jay Z – No Church in the Wild

What do you guys think about this MV?

My favorite part is the very last clip of the video

check out their new collaboration, no church in the wild


Director: Romain Gavras



speed her up, slow him down

I digg that mix ! oh.. and of course the commercial 😉


Need a Snicker?

This is the best “You’re not you when you’re hungry” ad i’ve ever seen !


I can imagine the guy’s face right now @_@ okay i’m hungry brb

“Real” Fruit boxes

Wow talk about great packaging! and it’s the product itself! I would totally buy a bunch of them for potluck.


I had to watch it twice to really get what it was lol So much information in one commercial

Beckham Beethoven!

It’ll be interesting to see how many time he NGed. I’m sure it’ll be a surprising result regardless



NBA fans must watch.

Check out this promotion from pepsi MAX featuring “Uncle Drew”

This.. really works? Parking douche bags

There’s a Chinese saying that to combat poison is to use poison itself. (以毒攻毒)

However, I didn’t know to combat annoying things is to use annoying things itself.


cheers to douches !