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Lego X Google Chrome


there were many occasions where I almost bought a huge set of legos at toysrus cause i misssss playing legos

there’s a lot of potential on this application.

I was imagining that it could be possible that you can end up buying the lego blocks you build on google chrome, disassembled.

Having couple presets, take out things you don’t like, and probably switch and swap some legos from presets.

Now i know that the idea behind this is completely different, but this is simply just me being sidetracked. (hooray)


Get a free Ice Tea from Vending Machine using Twitter

If you tweet to BOS Ice Tea on their twitter account and add a hashtag  #BOSTWEET4T,it’ll dispense a free can of Ice Tea for you!

What an interesting and creative way of using social media. Love it

A Day Made of Glass 2: Unpacked ! (Our future?)

Could this be our future? I feel like we’re already seeing some of these in effect. Check out the video, it’ll amuse you for sure.

What’s interesting is… how will this type of technology affect advertising and how messages are communicated to us?

Also looking at the Google Glass that they put up couple weeks ago, this could really be in our future sooner than you think.

What do you guys think? Are you excited for another revolutionary change in technology?


Here’s a shorter version with no narration