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Avengers x Advertisements

Hopefully by now most of you have watched Avengers cause it was a kickass movie ! go watch it if you haven’t!!!

But if you didn’t, I don’t recommend reading this post. Not that i’m giving out spoilers (maybe a little bit), but I don’t want to divert your attention to the movie by all the product placements if you do end up watching it.

According to a source, it costs about $220,000,000 to make the film. So you’re probably wondering how in the world do they even get this amount of  money to make the movie?

Well, movies in general pretty much became an advertising space for companies to gain awareness and brand exposure. So for movies that cost a lot of money to make, they need a significant amount of funding to subsidize their cost. So in order to get that funding, companies place products at specific spots in the movie for an amount of price negotiated (usually it’s based off of visibility and length). That is why in movies or TV shows we see actors drinking coke instead of pepsi, or use an andriod phone instead of iphone. This strategy is commonly known as product placement.

So for those who watched Avengers, did you spot out any products you’re familiar with? According to sources, there were at least 18 product placements in Avengers.

Let’s take a look at some of the brands that were placed in the movie, shall we?

** it’s a bit tough trying to collect images from scenes, but i’m trying my best !

#1 Acura

This is probably the easiest one since i’m sure you didn’t miss out on the new concept NSX in the end 😉 But aside from that, all the SHIELD agent cars in the movie  are actually all Acuras

#2 aussieBum – Underwear brand

They were placed on the banners where I think captain america was thrown out of a building. Though one would assume one of the avengers would walk out wearing an aussiebum undie at a certain scene.

#3 Dr. Pepper

There’s a scene with a Dr. Pepper truck getting blown up in the midst of battle and explosion.

#4 Colantotte

This is the bracelet Robert Downey Jr wore that summoned his Iron Man Suit when he got thrown out his own Stark Tower by Loki.

Note: There’s even a contest you can enter to get your own wristband!

#5 Mac Cosmetics

In the same scene as the blown up dr.pepper truck, there’s a “Mac” store with it’s store name unharmed!

#6 Shawarma

If you stayed and watch the secret ending #2, you’d see the avengers sitting a place call shawarma. According to TMZ, the sales of shawarma jumped 80% from the opening weekend. holy moly.

Note: There’s actually a joint in LA as well. so my LA friends, go check it out !

#7 Harley Davidson

This is the motorcycle where Captain American rides on a highway

#8 Bose Headphones + Oracle Engineered systems

In the opening scenes the SHIELD agents were wearing Bose Headphones

#9 Southwest Airlines

Bus Stop Sign (?)


And supposedly, Citibank, Hershey’s, visa, red baron, farmers insurance, C-Span, Jansport, LG, NASA, MSNBC, ABC, were all in the movie somewhere.

Of course you would want the longest and the best exposure for your brand in the movie. So it is a pretty risky move if people can’t recall seeing your brand at all. Since Acura has a multi-movie deal with Marvel, it was quite obvious that NSX was almost unmissable.


NEW Dark knight Rises Trailer !! #3

Anyone superbly excited about this movie? I nearly forgot that it’s coming out. Shame on meeeeee

Now.. who’s gona be my movie date? hehe