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Coke’s Happiness Campaign strikes again! (best one yet)

These are seriously straight up some of the best campaigns.

Check out how a brand can make you smile even by just watching a video


Agency: Definition 6

Client: Coca-Cola


PS: Next time, when they feel like spending big bucks, they should have a celebrity pop out in the end lol


Daily NEWS on coffee cup sleeves

I’d call this… creative use of technology.

This is really cool, it gives people a whole new meaning to cup sleeves.


I mean, seriously, this is so awesome hah !


Agency: Y&R Dubai

Client: Al Nisr Publishing (Gulf News)

Hennessy Ft. Joe Biden (Criticized)

lol this is pretty funny. These are quite a few sexual ads.

Then again, what were they thinking though?

This.. really works? Parking douche bags

There’s a Chinese saying that to combat poison is to use poison itself. (以毒攻毒)

However, I didn’t know to combat annoying things is to use annoying things itself.


cheers to douches !

Puma Levitation

Wish there are more creative bus stops here that’s worthwhile.

This one here is pretty cool. promoting their lightweight line of shoes in an interesting way.

Subway Children’s Obesity

I understand all the .. perhaps “rebranding” that subway wants to do. But I never really considered subway to be part of the “healthy” category.

Is it just me? or do people feel the same way? Baja Fresh and Subway, I don’t consider them in the same category.

Maybe if subway is persistent enough, they’ll get what they want.


Then again, doing something is better than not doing anything. So child, stay away from obesity and eat…. subway!

Glide in NYC

Pretty good awareness campaign done for Crest Glide.

OOH campaign done by Saatchi & Saatchi NYC.

I suppose the idea here is that the two buildings here represent our teeth and glide’s floss is what you need when “pork” gets stuck between them. 🙂 cleaver indeed

Can’t help to notice the security camera next to the pig! looks like it’s going to snap when it turns.