iPad 2 billboards

Have you noticed that Apple still have iPad 2 billboard ads up? I mean it’s something worth thinking about what they’re thinking.

Perhaps it’s probably because it looks almost exactly the same that it’s pointless to switch? Who knows.

Or is it not the idea of iPad 2 but the connection to “iPad” itself?

Client: Apple

Source: Creativity-Online



Just Hanging Out

Another informative ad by Google. This type of ad seems to be the trend these days. You also see this type of ads by Apple (ipad/iphone). It shows how effective it is because it’s showing capabilities of the product in a story telling way. Convincing enough to make you want to try it.

Dear Sophie

One of my favorite and most brilliant commercials of all time. I’m not sure how you can not like it.


Agency: Google

Client: Google Chrome

Hamburger Eyeshadow is a Tasty New Look

It’s pretty, but imagine if you you see someone on the street with these eye makeup.

Would you end up craving a Whopper?


Client: Burger King Netherlands

Audi: The Swan

New commercial for the new Audi A5. The car is definitely growing on me ! I also love how this commercial is executed.


Agency: BBH London

Client: Audi UK

The VIP Fridge Magnet

This is one genius invention, especially for college students!


Agency:  TBWARAAD Dubai

Client: Tomato Pizza