It gets better

Forgive the lack of posts recently since i’ve been dealing with pretty much the biggest decision that i have to make in my life.

Anyway, in return i’ll show you guys something real awesome.

Advertising was never JUST about getting your product across the television, it’s an inspiration to to make everyone better by communicating through stories that matter.

The story was so well-told that I barely noticed this as a commercial or advertisement until the very end. I’m assuming the idea of communication here is to maintain a brand good-will and not really to recruit more users (they come from other sources anyway).

The storytelling of the video truly is amazing, look at it yourself and let me know what you think.

Google Chrome videos are on a roll !  According to a valid source, the usage of browser is now currently the most used browser in the US (41.7%)!! Great accomplishment !


Lego X Google Chrome


there were many occasions where I almost bought a huge set of legos at toysrus cause i misssss playing legos

there’s a lot of potential on this application.

I was imagining that it could be possible that you can end up buying the lego blocks you build on google chrome, disassembled.

Having couple presets, take out things you don’t like, and probably switch and swap some legos from presets.

Now i know that the idea behind this is completely different, but this is simply just me being sidetracked. (hooray)

Creativity is not limited by age

Actually, creativity is not limited to anything at all.

with a little bit of imagination, anything is possible.


Agency: twofifteenmccann

Client: Microsoft

Great Packaging Will Go A Long Way

Packaging is sorta like meeting someone for the first time. It’s unlikely to get a good impression on someone that has messy hair, hole on their 20 year old t-shirt, boring outfit, etc.

However, if you dress to impress, people are automatically attracted to you and perhaps will introduce you to more people along the way (WOM).

With that to say, creativity in packaging is not something that you should cheap out on (as a company) because it’s definitely significant in marketing.

Check out several creative product packaging that i found on a website call Bored Panda.

To check out more, visit 21 More Creative Product Packaging Examples

Congrats to LBJ !

Not my favorite player, but by far the most dominant force in the NBA.

His talent is undeniable and despite all those hate, he nevertheless earned this very first ring of his career.


Get a free Ice Tea from Vending Machine using Twitter

If you tweet to BOS Ice Tea on their twitter account and add a hashtag  #BOSTWEET4T,it’ll dispense a free can of Ice Tea for you!

What an interesting and creative way of using social media. Love it

Amare worked at foot lockers

I wonder how much it is to hire Amare to work at foot locker for just one day?

I mean if it’s a reasonable amount, wouldn’t this be an insanely profitable campaign to attract an enormous amount of people to show up?

Pretty interesting though, but I’m sure there’s a reason why it’s rarely done.