2012 Audi A6

Not sure if i’m digging the clickings, but it’s an undeniably sexy car.

If you noticed among all the car commercials, Audi always have the most interesting angle (though BMW is pretty good too).

come to speak of it, nothing triumphs over top gear’s cinematography. they are top down boss

Now that’s how you make anything look insanely epic. I want this truck now.


Kobe Bryant Chilling with… Chinese peanut and elephant

Since we’ve been so focused on NBA finals (even laker fans), we tend to not follow much about our own superstars in town (not much reason to anyway).

but let’s check out what Kobe’s been up to during his off-season anyway!

As seen above, Kobe Bryant was starred in a recent smart car commercial shoot done by BBDO Beijing.

This is Kobe’s second collaboration with the agency and it seems to emphasize on roomy and maneuverability.

Here’s the first shoot


Agency: BBDO Beijing

Client: Mercedes Smart Car

Coke Polar Bowl

It’s really cool to finally see a very successful social media approach for superbowl.

Basically these bears will watch the game with you and they will react accordingly in real time.

They will also react to the commercials that’s being broadcast.


Agency: W+K

Client: Coca-Cola

For the some of the actual reactions, check out coke polar bowl 

The APPLE spell

So most likely you have seen or at least heard something about the new Mac Book Pro release earlier this Monday from WWDC.

I was a bit disappointed that they didn’t announce a refresh of the new iMac because that’s actually what I was anticipating and anxiously waiting to get.

However, I’m not sure what quite hit me (probably a spell), but I completely went from meh on a MBP to @_@ i want a MBP in a split second. I’m completing feeling like I should just give up waiting for the iMac and just spec my mbp with a cinema screen. (lmk if you thumbs up on this decision)

So to celebrate another successful “Apple spell” casting by digging our pockets clean, let’s take a look at some evidence of apple casting a spell on us since 1984. 🙂

Don’t you think those “minions” or whatever in the video resemble some of us that are apple-washed? It’s pretty hilarious

Here’s the NEW macbook pro TV commercial 😉



Coke’s Happiness Campaign strikes again! (best one yet)

These are seriously straight up some of the best campaigns.

Check out how a brand can make you smile even by just watching a video


Agency: Definition 6

Client: Coca-Cola


PS: Next time, when they feel like spending big bucks, they should have a celebrity pop out in the end lol

Struck me fear than anything else

When end of the world comes, perhaps the only food chain left that could still be open is McDonalds

“What’s the one brand that can turn strangers into friends?”

Reason for my title is because my initial reaction was more “oh my wtf, ridiculous” than “aww cute im gona go eat mcdonalds now”

Though, the agency has the right approach. i’m just a little weird. Brand image re-recognition is quite important to sustain


Client: McDonalds Canada


Daily NEWS on coffee cup sleeves

I’d call this… creative use of technology.

This is really cool, it gives people a whole new meaning to cup sleeves.


I mean, seriously, this is so awesome hah !


Agency: Y&R Dubai

Client: Al Nisr Publishing (Gulf News)